Chamran Grand Hotel Health Stations

Aromatherapy or massage with aromatic vegetable oils:

Extracts of flowers and gums of tropical plants have antimicrobial, soothing, and energizing properties that in aromatherapy using the oils of these flowers and fragrant plants and performing stretching and tactile movements on the skin, the molecules of this Oils are absorbed through the skin and penetrate the bloodstream and lymphatic system, enhancing the therapeutic effects of massage. Aromatherapy before acupuncture increases the result several times.

Western bath:

Massage and body wash restore freshness to the body. Performing massage with pressure, stretching and impact movements that heal the fatigue and bruises of the body and bring peace to the body and soul. Head and body washing is also done in a warm and calm bath environment using towels and bags and in a completely traditional way. Better nourishes the skin, after a thorough and traditional wash, brings freshness and vitality.

sports Complex:

Those who are interested in maintaining fitness and health, even while traveling, can follow their exercise programs. The gym of the Grand Hotel of Chamran, by using advanced facilities and devices, provides a suitable space for the users of this equipment. The pleasure of doing sports with the beautiful pool of the complex is doubled and a few minutes of rest in the sauna and Jacuzzi, relieves fatigue from the body. The dedicated coffee shop of the sports complex is also ready to provide the best services.

Catering complexes of Chamran Grand Hotel


Hotel special fast food:

Special fast food of Chamran Grand Hotel is one of the pioneers of serving fast food in Shiraz, which always has its own special fans and admirers by offering a varied menu of delicious food and providing a private family lodge on the first floor of the hotel.

Barbecue Restaurant:

The barbecue restaurant of Chamran Grand Hotel, located on the 3rd floor, with two large and well-equipped halls, each with an area of ​​300 square meters, invites lovers of all kinds of kebabs to eat their favorite food on the unique balcony of this section.

25th floor restaurant:

Fans of Italian food will never forget the pleasant taste of pasta and tandoori pizzas by listening to the pleasant music and watching the city of Shiraz from the 25th floor of the hotel.

Lobby Coffee Shop:

Providing a suitable place to spend a refreshing and relaxing time with family and friends, along with a variety of Italian sweets and ice creams with different flavors is another gift from Chamran Hotel. Professional negotiations and business and academic conversations using the internet services of the coffee shop lobby, provide a different atmosphere for guests.

Reception and conference halls:

Fully equipped and multi-purpose halls on the 21st and 22nd floors of Chamran Grand Hotel, each with an area of ​​800 square meters, hosts different celebrations, ceremonies and gatherings with the best services.

Traditional restaurant:

The sweetness of visiting the city of poetry and tarab, the city of Hafez and Saadi, the sweet words of Iranian literature is completed with Shirazi faloodeh, traditional liqueurs, and pleasant syrups, and the traditional restaurant of the Grand Chamran Hotel with a variety of delicious Iranian and authentic Shirazi food One of the traditional and refreshing drinks on the 1st floor is the host of dear guests. Live music performance ensures pleasant and unforgettable times in the Grand Chamran Hotel

Panoramic Restaurant

Lunch and dinner on the 24th floor of Chamran Grand Hotel with a unique view of the city, promises beautiful hours in the city of beauties. Panorama restaurant with a variety of delicious Iranian and international cuisine, welcomes guests with live music. Also, the hotel breakfast is welcomed in this restaurant.

23rd floor coffee shop

Watch the beautiful view of Shiraz city from the 23rd floor of Chamran Grand Hotel and experience the warm taste of coffee shop drinks with your loved ones while listening to the pleasant music.

Hotel lobby:

The lobby of Chamran Grand Hotel, by providing a relaxing and pleasant place with an area of ​​1300 square meters, is a suitable space for business communication and formal and professional appointments and guarantees success.

Other services of Chamran Grand Hotel

In order to ensure the comfort and relaxation of the guests during their stay and to pay attention to the comprehensive solution of their needs, the hotel complex has been opened in the first and second floors of the hotel complex, which includes travel and tourism services company, photography studio, men’s hairdresser, ladies beauty salon , Clothing boutiques and stores. High-speed wireless internet (wiFi) is also available on all floors of the hotel for business and internet interaction. The private parking of the hotel is ready to provide services to dear guests 24 hours a day.


Issuance of tickets for all domestic and international routes

In order to better meet the needs of travelers and guests, the Travel and Air Services Company located on the first floor of the hotel, with the help of experienced and specialized staff, proudly offers a variety of travel services with the highest quality: planning and holding tours To all the tourist destinations of Iran, tour of Shiraz city and Fars province, tour of other cities of Iran: Kish, Mashhad, Qeshm, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Sarein, Yazd, Kerman, … Planning and holding nature tours based on the special interests of the guests All travel matters related to holding tours abroad to countries: Italy, France, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Georgia, Armenia, Indonesia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Greece, …

Travel and tourism

A memorable experience of touring Shiraz with a tourist counter located in the hotel lobby in the city of the great Achaemenids, Cyrus and Darius, the city of poetry and literature, and the sweet words of Persian, Hafez and Saadi, the magnificent treasures of Zandieh, Vakil bath, Vakil mosque and Vakil city bazaar. Fragrant oranges and eye-catching narcissuses are with you at all times.

The specific patrols of this unit are as follows:

A day and a half of visiting: Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, Hafezieh, Saadieh, Karimkhani Citadel, Pars Museum, Eram Garden, Zinat-ol-Moluk House, Narenjestan Ghavam, Quran Gate