Hotel rules


Acceptance and delivery of rooms and services:

Delivery time to the hotel reception is 12:00 noon, which of course does not depend on the arrival time of guests. In order to provide better services and prepare the room for new guests, it is appropriate for the guests to deliver the room at the appointed time. If you wish to extend your stay in the room after 12:00 noon, guests must arrange the matter with the hotel receptionist before 9:00 am.

The cost of extending the stay from 12:00 to 18:00 will be fifty percent of the cost of one night stay and after 18:00 the full cost of one night stay. To change the departure and delivery date of the room, the matter must be coordinated with the receptionist at least one day in advance. Phones 2222 and 3333 are fully prepared to provide any information needed by guests around the clock.
All parts of the hotel, except inside the rooms, are equipped with CCTV cameras. For the well-being of our dear guests, special boxes have been installed in each room to store valuables, and the hotel does not have any responsibility for the guests’ cash, valuables and accessories. When delivering the room, the guests should be careful about taking their belongings with them, and the hotel is not responsible for any items left or lost by the guests. For those esteemed guests who have been staying at the hotel since last night, breakfast is free and served as a buffet in the 24th floor restaurant.
Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning, after which the room service unit is at the service of guests, which is calculated separately. The smart card should not be placed in the vicinity of mobile phones, electrical appliances and magnetic hope. If he does not open the smart card in the room, the card may be in the vicinity of the magnetic field and it may have run out of charge, or it may be time to deliver the room. In both cases, guests need to refer to the receptionist to recharge the room entry card.

Housekeeping and room cleaning:

As usual, housekeeping staff clean the guest room every day. If guests do not wish to use the housekeeping service, they can press the red “Do Not Disturb” button next to the bed. If guests wish to use the housekeeping service to clean the room in a great way, they can press the green “clean” button, located next to the bed.

If you need to change the bed sheets, the card should be placed on the pillow. Also, if towels need to be washed, they need to be placed in the tub or under the shower. It should be noted that in order to take care and pay more attention to the health of guests and in accordance with safety principles, if the “Do not disturb” key is on for 48 hours, hotel security officials will have to enter the guest room without coordination.


Ability to receive 22 different TV channels, including internal digital networks and selected satellite networks. If there is any problem regarding receiving channels, the home sector will take action to resolve it. Catering and service in the room (room service): Catering and service 24 hours a day in the form of serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, food and various desserts.


Dear guests, upon arrival, it is appropriate to check the mini-bar (contents in the refrigerator) and inform the housekeeping department if you see a defect in it. If you need to recharge the minibar, guests can contact the housekeeping department.